The perfect cycling gloves?

The perfect cycling gloves, do they exist? I’m sure we will all have different preferences and requirements when it comes to what is between our handlebars and palms, some mentalists don’t even use them, but there must be some ‘must have’ features.


I have spent way too much money on cycling gloves over the years. I fall over and rip them, one gets lost, they get left in a pub, there’s many fates for a pair of gloves owned by me and no two end the same way.


So first off, what are the necessities? I would plumb for comfort, fit and durability being the defining features.

Some I have owned:

Cinelli track mitts


Verdict: Relatively cheap and it shows. I fell off at low speed and ripped the palm in half within a week of ownership. Otherwise decent amount of padding but will wear out quickly.

Altura Crochet short finger gloves

Verdict: Again pretty cheap but felt better made than the Cinelli’s. Personally I really like how they look, but they’re not for everyone. The padding is simple but effective. They also have a tendency to absorb smells, which isn’t so great. If I hadn’t left mine in a pub in Dunwich they would probably still be in my draw (stinking it out).

Hirzl Grippp Short and Long finger gloves

Verdict: Great gloves. They live up to their name of having loads of grip, there’s a reason lots of guys use them for the velodrome. Minimal but effective gel padding. The short finger version are great for summer and the long finger ones are surprisingly warm in the winter without any extra layers as they cut out the wind very well.

Unfortunately their quality control leaves a bit to be desired. The long finger pair had one thumb stitching down the side and the other one came across it  the front. Also the palm gel padding folded over on itself  forming a tumorous lump so I had to cut it out. The short finger pair decided to fall apart and the material on the top part started separating after getting wet then drying out.


Rapha Pro Team Mitts 

Verdict: This is the pair I am currently using. They have no padding to speak of, however the leather palm is naturally a bit padded and has good grip. They are a bit hard to get off at first but quickly wear in and are very comfortable. They’re not crazy expensive (for Rapha) but the build quality feels much better than the previously mentioned brands. My hands haven’t ever got too hot in them but I have not tested them in colder weather yet. Overall I really like them.


Special mention – Altura Night Vision Gloves

Verdict: These are a different as they’re proper winter gloves. Unless you have an actual medical condition these will keep your digits warm enough, and if they don’t you can easily add a silk glove liner. They’re waterproof (and believe me I have tested them thoroughly), have reflective bits, have good grip which is important in the rain, don’t look fancy enough for anyone to half-inch them and are cheap enough in case you lose them. For winter gloves, look no further.


Overall the Rapha Pro Team gloves are my favourite at the moment, although it will hurt my wallet a little when I lose them, they fulfill my three original criteria.

What do you guys think? Got any that have served you well? Had any that I need to steer clear of in the future?

RollaPaluza Keirin London this weekend

Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 10.48.21

This Saturday 2nd July, Rollapaluza will be hosting their Keirin event at Herne Hill again.

On the great success of last year it has grown to include an event at the Manchester Velodrome as well as Herne Hill in London.

Like last year there will be some international and top national level cyclists. It’s free to spectate and there will be sunshine, bbq food and beer, everything you could want.

This year they have also made their own jerseys to emulate the Japanese Keirin events.

They are still taking last minute entries so get involved!

Enter Online

Rapha Women’s 100 20th July 2014

On the 20th July this year is the Rapha Women’s 100 day. It is a day where Rapha helps people organise group rides with the goal of riding 100km to help increase the take up of women’s cycling.

100km is long enough to get you out of the house for a good amount of time, but won’t take all day if you are in a big group. Thousands of people ride from London to Brighton every year, many using charity as an excuse, so it is a very real goal for infrequent or new cyclists.

Women’s cycling is on the up at the moment, there has been a lot of media coverage about it’s growth and  the Women’s Tour of Britain started this year which was very well received.

Rapha are helping people organise their rides by organising them through the website, so you can let others know about it, the route, average speed etc. and let them join you. Or you can search for rides local to you on the day.

Hopefully the media and social media coverage will encourage more people to get cycling this summer and make the most of the sun.

Find out more here:

Morvelo MVCC Nth Series Jersey and Bib Shorts Review

The Morvelo MVCC jersey and bib shorts are part of the new Nth Series for 2014, they are top of the Morvelo range and covered in well thought out details. They look pretty good too.

This is what Morvelo have to say about them:

  • 100% polyester
  • Dual Dri-Clim® fabric composition
  • Closer weave on the front, arms, sides and shoulders for improved aerodynamics
  • Open weave on the rear and underarms to accelerate moisture evaporation
  • Printed Gripper Elastic (PGE) lazer cut sleeve ends
  • YKK cam-lock zip with large branded puller
  • Full length zip guard and garage
  • 3 angled deep rear pockets
  • Hidden 4th zipped pocket for valuables
  • Side panel pockets for gels and quick access items
  • Two piece stand up collar
  • Seamless underarm panels for maximum comfort
  • Double stitched pockets for added strength
  • Reinforced pocket stabiliser
  • Silicone Gripper at the hem
  • Embossed neck seam stretch tape
  • Heat seal label
  • Panelled construction for superior fit
  • Rubberised Morvelo seam tab
  • Reflective details
  • Sun Protection Factor 50
  • Handmade in Europe from Spanish fabrics

First Impressions:

The materials and stitching felt very high quality and very tough, all the little details really add up. The zip feels strong with the garage at the top being a nice touch, the pockets are the perfect size, big enough to easily fit a rain cape in but not too tall to make it awkward to get it out. I really like the 4th hidden pocket for valuables too, no more worrying about losing my bank card when pulling something else out of the pocket. The shorts have a very good chamois pad, it is comfy and not obtrusive in any way. The grippers on the end of the sleeves and legs work well and are comfortable too. I haven’t had any of them ride up while cycling. I gave the lycra a stretch test, simply stretching it tight with your hand behind it to see if turns see-through, the results were good. No see-throughness, it just seems to turn grey as you can see the material between the surface dye.


I am 6 foot tall and 80kg, I went for size Large for both the shorts and jersey. I wear Large in Rapha (XL for Pro Team) and XL in Champion Systems, for reference. The fit is almost spot on for me. My main worry with shorts is that the straps will be too short but that turned out to be unfounded. The jersey has a mesh area on the back which made me worry about getting too cold, but the recent 60 mile jaunt in 17ish degrees showed that too was unfounded. In fact I think it really helped with ventilation so I didn’t really overheat on any hills.


I am very impressed. I tried the some of the first kit Morvelo made and was instantly put off. This new Nth series kit is miles apart. Fit, quality of build and comfort wise they are on par with Rapha/Champion Systems. Rapha isn’t a great comparison for the jerseys as they often use more natural fibers, but the shorts are similar. The RRP of the shorts and jersey is £90 each, so they’re not a budget choice but a good amount cheaper than Rapha/Assos. The kit Morvelo are producing at the moment looks great too, they have even just released a collaboration with Death Spray Customs. This is going to replace my ageing Champion Systems lycra.

If you want to buy some, one of my favourite shops stocks them - Always Riding

Dunwich Dynamo 2014

On the 12th July this year the Dunwich Dynamo will run once again. If you haven’t come across it before, it’s basically a 100 mile ride through the night to the East coast. It’s a very flat ride so not too physically exhausting , as long as you can stop your body from trying to fall asleep while you cycle.  It is free to participate as it isn’t really an organised event. Southwark Cyclists sort out a couple of coaches for the way back and some food half way along but they aren’t responsible for it, and you can do the ride on pretty much any bike (I’ve seen everything from brakeless track bikes to rusty hybrids and even the famous Boris bike).

Click here to book a Southwark Cyclist coach ticket.

It is unlike any other bike ride I have every done before, there is 2000 odd people on bikes, and no matter how fast you go and how many people you overtake there is always a red blinking light in front of you. So if you haven’t done it before, and even if you have, I recommend you come and join us on the 12th July.

Last year Miltag released a DD special edition jersey which was pretty nice, but nothing that special, and this year they have released a new version which is awesome.


Click here to buy the Miltag Dunwich Dynamo jersey.

Hopefully see you there!

I’m back

I have finally got Sumocycles back online. Although I am using WordPress again so it’s not exactly how I wanted but it’s better than nothing .

I’ve got a some new plans for Sumocycles, I will still try and keep you updated on any events that are coming up and post up recap’s of ones that have been, but I will also try and get some more product reviews up and maybe a gallery.

So if there is any cycling products you feel strongly about and want to tell others, then I can host your review along side my own ones.

I have a new email too,